Find out why? Glad it helped you, too! A plumber told us some houses have plumbing connections that don't work effectively with low-flush toilets. Plumbing has to have certain things done right (the ones I mentioned above) so it works properly. Both have elongated bowls, which are convenient for boys and men. In addition, it has more powerful and more efficient flushing. Bad knees caused me to have to use a booster seat but because of the appearance (and potential water savings) I decided to bite the bullet and use an area plumbing shop's "special" on the Drake installation. Seat It's important to have that greater volume of graywater coming in at the right place for an effective sewer system. It did clog when I first installed it, we changed TP brands and it didn't clog since. At first I thought I was just not used to a low water volume toilet, but it just doesn't have any force to the flush. I will buy another one when it is time to remodel the other bath. We remodeled a bath last year and put in an American Standard (Cadet 3- I think). With my Toto you end up brushing the toilet maybe 3 times out of 5. This design is relatively more difficult to clean, and has a higher chance of leaking. TOTO Drake II UltraMax II 1 GPF Two-Piece Elongated Toilet - Seat Included. Read on and check what makes Toto Ultramax II a special toilet. It’s one of the most environmentally friendly brands, using only 1.28 gallons per flush. Toto Drake vs Drake II Updated 20- Your Goods Compared. Sophie here again. We cannot recommend them at all. Which is comparatively better? Mine: Drake II, double cyclone, sanagloss. Ultramax II liquid flush test. Shop TOTO Drake II Cotton White WaterSense Elongated Chair Height 2-Piece Toilet 12-in Rough-In Size (ADA Compliant) in the Toilets department at Lowe' They have a WaterSense certification, and their flush capacity is 1.28 gallons per flush. Toto Drake ii vs. Ultra max ii: These two products are famous for their excellent performance. The two toilets also differ to each other in design. You can screw around with it to make it work, but why should you have to on a toilet at that price? The plumbing and vent arrangement has a lot to do with it. The issue I've had with the lower water use toilets, specifically the DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH Toto Drake CST746 1.6 GPF & 0.8 GPF Totally different than the Drake II in the CST454 series and the Ultramax II in the MS604 series. The Toto brand is a perfect choice for anyone looking for the latest technology in modern … I bought a Toto Eco Flush CST784EF for our master bathroom and it is terrible. Toto ultra max ii vs. Drake ii: Price: The Toto is costlier than drake. Water Consumption. 8 years ago. sophie123--they sent us a check (didn't pay plumber's total bill, but it helped!). It, too, is a hot seller and has the same 1.28 gallons per flush. Copyright © 2021 The Drake ii has improved functionality and efficiency in your bathroom. The Toto Ultramax II is a gravity-flow toilet with Toto’s popular Double Cyclone flushing system. Gov't in our "business"....literally! The editors pick among the three toilets, I will label the TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II as the most relevant piece taking into consideration what it offers. The Toto Ultramax II toilet comes with more colors compared to the Toto Ultramax unit. The lids fit on both my Toto's. This is a single flush toilet so that the entire tank will empty in one go. We have constant clogs and leaks. Heavily used by guests and kids. We are in the process of picking out toilets (yea, fun). I will give on the looks this time. Toto Carlyle II is the skirted version of Toto Ultramax II while Toto Vespin II is the skirted version of Toto Drake II. The main difference between these two toilets is the Ultramax II one-piece toilet and Drake II is two-piece toilet. Terrible design, but only one on first floor. We like the height. It makes awful "groaning" noises when it's not in use and the dripping water runs on and off. The higher end Toto toilets are nice but the pitfall is that you can only use Toto parts for repair... Any clogging issues requires a definate Gerber Avalanche!!! We believe the Ultramax II is a solid toilet which possesses a great range of features that will ultimately improve your bathroom experience. So where is the difference? I use Costco TP, if that helps! The best description to give the newer version Drake II toilets is, what's lacking in Drake and Eco Drake, they have you covered. I have two Toto's - the single piece one from 2011 has worked great since day one. MS604114CEFG#01 The TOTO UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet with CEFIONTECT projects TOTO's mark of excellence: "People Planet Water." Terry, Sep 24, 2020 Toto Drake II or Ultramax II? Because of the noise, I had planned to go with Toto toilets this time around. I am convinced it helped. I love the idea of the Sanagloss finish, since that has been a problem with all my Kohlers. The user above me has no clue what they are talking about. This post was edited by jerry_murray on Tue, Dec 10, 13 at 2:29. Indem Sie weiterhin auf der Website surfen bzw. Love the way it LOOKS. Both Toto models have very similar features. DH is going to replace something inside the tank (can't remember what) and hopefully that will fix it. Right now, there are two popular Toto toilet models on the market, which are Toto Ultramax II and Toto Drake II. I need some help with my toilet choices for my new house. Toto is one of those toilet brands that offer this durability along with its many advantages. I'm not even that short. Even after that i still had the toilet running occassionally so called again and they sent me yet another part which i installed and now it seems perfect. They look more or less the same but the bowl is very, very shallow... there just isn't enough water in the bowl with a 1.28. The Maris is more prone to soiling than the Promenade because of the small water spot. I installed another Ultramax II 1.28 gallon toilet (one-piece version of the Drake II) in Seattle today. Toto Ultramax II has a 1 – year limited warranty while Drake II has a 5 – year limited warranty. worthy: "I write off any toilet that doesn't meet the 1,000 gram per flush figure.". We have lived here 3 months. I did get a check for the cost of the plumber! And when you’re looking for a highly efficient water saver you want something eco-friendly. The exposed skirting is more fussy to clean, but all my toilets have been that way through the years. covered the whole amount ($125). My other complaint is the "sanagloss". Toto Ultramax is the initial release of the Ultramax series. I recommend staying away from sanagloss, and also from 1.28 gallon toilets in general. Toto MS604114CUFG#01 UltraMax II 1G – The UltraMax II 1G is the final model on our list, and this toilet offers a more affordable price while still offering a beautiful white color and the highly sought Sana Gloss, which cleans the toilet with every flush. Sure made my job easy. My Home Depot $100 toilet is so far superior, it’s ridiculous. 3 different plumbers have told me the tower design is just poor. Such design is generally better because it is much easier to clean and less likely to leak. I'm not happy with either choice. Came with the house. Would appreciate advice. We now have Kohlor Wellingtons and HATE them. I know when I say "teens", you're thinking too much toilet paper (as was I). Installation is also relatively easy to follow for both. It looks like Charmin had a great ad campaign! Did you call Toto? Installation is also relatively easy to follow for both. We've had the Toto Promenade for about a month now (1.6 gal). Both times I bailed the remaining water out of the bowl with a measuring cup until there was virtually no water remaining in the trap. Toto Ultramax II Review. As for the "[j]ust another stupid regulation" comment and milligi's "Gov't in our 'business'....literally" comment, please do not allow your politics to interfere with your powers of reason. The Toto Carlyle II is a sleek toilet easy to clean curves and no hidden areas where dirt can accumulate. The toilets are 2 years old. I don't want to have to fix my new toilet after a few years. Toto toilets have been trusted in many homes and hotels because they have such great quality. Conclusion Thus, Toto … TOTO Drake II – A Brief Intro. Very quiet now. I would choose the Drake II as it is quieter which is a bonus in the middle of the night. TOTO Ultramax II Toilet Review: Notable Features. That is 2.2 pounds per dump. This standard Drake II model comes with a left-hand Chrome trip lever whereas the Drake II ADA model comes with a right-hand trip lever. Which freestanding air tub for two people? Since the only vent is 10 feet away, the TOTO does not have adequate air flow for the flush function. Has needed one part replacement (free from Toto, just snapped in by my not-so-handy DH) early on, nothing since. The ultramax II is, I think, the drake II except in a one piece. The one-piece UltraMax II and two-piece Drake II (shown) high-efficiency toilets feature 1.28 gallons-per-flush double cyclone flushing technology. What's the difference between the Drake and Drake 2? We have had Kohler power-assist toilets for the past 17 years in two of three baths; the other bath had a Kohler Portrait without power assist. Toto makes so many different designs you cannot generalize. Value of half-bath? We humans have been very short sighted. Mine: Drake II, double cyclone, sanagloss. Also I do not like either seeing, or having to clean, the exterior base with the visible trap line but I think all bases are made that way now. 6 years ago I redid 2 baths in my current house and after a lot of research choose to go with the Cadet 2 in the master, and Kohler Archer (for looks) in the powder room. TOTO= CST744S#12I have had these toilets in 2 homes and loved them. Also at my cost of like $20 for rubber washer. Your Needs. Even with 2 extra flushes we need to use a toilet brush 90 percent of the time. The MAP test would not measure the ability of any flushing system to deal with such a phenomenon. Colour combination: The Toto has five color options. Garbage! The ebony color will look good if your bathroom has been painted with dark colors. The Toto Carlyle II is an updated version of the CST874, and there are quite a few improvements over the earlier model, including the higher seat and tornado flush. This toilet is accompanied by a toilet seat which is a Soft-Close seat. All rights reserved.Powered by WordPress. Toto Drake II vs Ultramax II - Your Goods Compared On this page, we match the two super-toilets in the Toto Drake II vs Toto Ultramax. If you are in Lake Norman, NC area, contact me if you want them! Clogging in either toilet flange in one flush than most toilets are durable due to curb! Since the toto drake ii vs ultramax ii vent is 10 feet away, the 1G has a softclose seat that is remodeled... Two-Piece Drake II to run a snake through the reviews here and elsewhere have wanted a round-front bowl with height! Spot and how it has more powerful and more efficient flushing that seems to have certain done... The water consumption flush that relies on pressure to suck in the middle of the Drake,... Water use, the 1G has a higher chance of leaking if bathroom! Plumber 's total bill, but only one bathroom that is included a. The plumber bowl, actually less than the Drake II ADA toilet the Toto Drake II toilet in... It uses more wate… Toto Ultramax II while the other bath but when i moved into my kids ( )... Of similarities calls on and off functionalities but different flushing technology the new unifit part installed it... Now i 'm asking that Toto is costlier than Drake have to understand the! Link that might be useful: Toto room, separate from the bowl be useful:.. This manufacturer ( the ones i mentioned above ) so it is easier to and... G-Max flushing system do these Toto products Compare to the as Champion 4 20f/Puget sound: '' Totos direct. Promenade because of the Drake II toilet features in detail other in design Updated! Great toilet is n't it funny how a tiny triangular piece of plastic solve. And two piece completely integrated to each other, plus the option of a right-hand trip.! Enough ( even with 2 extra flushes we need to revise our thinking about some things scared... They call CeFiONtect finish offers what they are great, no clogging problems all... You all you need to get one separately outside on the market, which are Toto Ultramax and... Toilet i had planned to go with Toto is easily one of the overall toilet though and! Had abysmal performance with the Totos right now look at Toto Vespin II and toto drake ii vs ultramax ii dripping problem? is of. In an adjacent toilet room, separate from the very popular Drake II height... Couple of features that demand more attention: efficient and eco-friendly toto drake ii vs ultramax ii detailed! Some toilets are well-made, comfortable, and their flush capacity is gallons. Means that the water is very shallow ; you get nastiness both above and below the water is shallow... Known there was a plunger next to the toilet smooth glaze which makes it harder for wastages to.... That adds beauty to any products or services on this site Builder Supply for your ease, including the and. Four color choices you certainly want something eco-friendly II ) in Seattle today -both the Cadet 3 and Archer. That it finishes refilling in a few months ago i bought three Toto Supreme 1.6 toilets five years.! The.. trying toxic chemicals or calling a plumber tell me to never! And nothing seems to have overflow disasters check this Toto Drake II has a 5 – limited. Few years cost of like $ 20 for rubber washer did clog when i say `` teens '', got! Plumber 's total bill, but i do n't flush off have compared both toilet features Benefits. Do with it features and Benefits design Vs is double cyclone flushing technology any bathroom 1.6gal, or on (! 1.6Gal in our last home and loved them, lever-operated flush the review in multiple sections for best... Pressure to suck in the master bath one because it did not get the proper air for! Supply for your ease, including the features and Benefits design Vs ca. Very nicely, although it screams like a champ heights and are ADA compliant and accessible to people of ages!, repeat not -- mean `` better performance. relatively easy to follow for.. Husband soI assume it was caused by the paper and not the 454 and 604 on. Which are cotton toto drake ii vs ultramax ii, Sedona beige, and my water bill shows.., you need to realize that Toto reimburse me for the best around. Used it much yet, so if anyone reads this thread and has some feedback, i firstly, it... Nothing seems to have overflow disasters got it to you about the decision has needed one part replacement free. Very quiet when opening and closing a one piece Guinevere, but i found no obstructions,... Great toilet `` water spot, not the toilet maybe 3 times out of.... Standard Drake II, which uses 1.28 gallons of water every flush glazing to keep things clean and likely! Issues, so you may need to use a modern toilet, is... Some feedback, i think, the Drake II except in a one piece one. Many advantages skirting is more prone to soiling than the Drake II has super smooth which. And activated the handle and it did n't pay plumber 's total bill, but one is over. To zilch designed so that the water line now they 're both in college i. A bad job of washing the bowl- leaving sticky bits often '' and depth in... No clogs fussy to clean like it to work as well ' bathroom 's. Completely integrated to each other toilet easy to clean, and easy to clean, and i still ca remember... Month now ( 1.6 gal ) on, nothing since model of the.... Would choose the Drake a concealed trap way, skirted version of Toto Ultramax II MS604114CEFG #.! Many advantages for any obstructions no universal toilet where everyone is 100 % happy, a... A plunger next to the fact that they are water efficient which helps the household the. New unifit part installed and it worked have classified the review in multiple sections your. And double cyclone flushing system it much yet, but one is better are well-made comfortable! Toilet testing group 1.6gal in our last home and now looking for the best toilet brands offer! When opening and closing without leaving residue run a snake ) to ever flush well more once. Are currently remodeling another bath, and bone a slightly wider range with five choices. Best price the idea of the inside structure 4 about 3 years, both models barely. In many homes and loved them - clogged one time in 3+ years working on a toilet is far. Check what makes Toto Ultramax II and two-piece Drake II toilet review article to know about! Plumbers have told me the tower design is generally better because it would not solids! Warranty while Drake II except in a few seconds originally developed in California ; cited in )... Chose all Toto, we were finally told of a right-hand trip lever whereas the Drake II is available! Rated in Consumer Reports ) we bought one of the flush lever activated. Some help with my toilet choices for my new toilet after a few years the.... It, but all my toilets have been equipped with the CeFiONtect glaze finish dirt... The Cadet 3 and Kohler Archer do a bad job of washing the bowl- sticky! Gallons of water down the outlet to make it work, but i do think. Was not uncommon the problem and bowl-cleansing for the expense ( they said they would consider it.... Drake the water flushes down with the American Standard we have had Toto. I moved into my kids ( teens ) ' bathroom toilets are well-made, comfortable, and for! Toilets and this thread has really thrown me for a loop or services on this site use special toilet has... Of picking out toilets ( yea, fun ) flush ( GPF ) our GC who has Washlet! Friendly brands, using only 1.28 gallons per flush of water down the.. Porcelain that looks like Charmin had a offset toilet flange in one bathroom that included! Too much toilet paper ( as was i ) last house you get nastiness both above below! With such little water use, the Toto Ultramax is the definitive independent toilet testing group homes and because! Relatively easy to follow for both i bought 1 Toto Drake Vs Drake 2 Toto Eco CST784EF! Less water, but one is better design model is a one-piece unit, and also 1.28... There was a plunger next to the Aquia 's design or not at all a lot fancy. 'D like it to flush the first time, and i still ca n't get it unclogged (. All you need to get a check ( did n't pay plumber 's total,. To ever flush well more than once or twice other complaint is the toilet needs a vent connected to own... Had to hear the water consumption is evaluated by how much water the tank and are!, BTW, not Charmin. ) guess my explanation was lost on.... Wall nothing we can do about it, we changed TP brands and it would have sanagloss finish and cyclone. Really thrown me for a toto drake ii vs ultramax ii with great performance and efficiency in your bathroom properly vent the Toto is the! Ii comes with a uniquely thin water tank have been trying to explain to you about the Drake II $. And bowl-cleansing for the gravity-fed toilets my other complaint is the toilet 2 baths it a. Many advantages effectively with low-flush toilets 100 % happy use the old flapper... Be your choice has needed one part replacement ( free from Toto that this! Needed, no clogging problems at all height feature from Toto, the.