Yeah. I’m your host, Laura Shin, a journalist with over two decades of experience. This could be like a Tether-style system, where they sort of own shares in a vault, and they issue an ERC-20 that represents that share, and you’re free to come back and redeem that for like a “real” share if you want to. It’s deep into the hundreds of millions of dollars and very excited to be able to basically support, in an on-chain way, all of the various systems we’re invested in. The other thing that’s a major bottleneck in my mind to all of this is just basic UX and usability. So, this is actually a really complicated question because it gets into some serious sort of game theory considerations for the security of a proof of stake chain that also has a DeFi ecosystem on it. You know, it depends on their timeline to launch. I think that it would be very interesting, though, if they also issued basically a tokenized version of that Coinbase share and allowed that to trade on Coinbase Pro, you know, and so then Coinbase shares, if it was like a DeFi asset, and I don’t think they need to do anything super fancy. The success of COMP then set off a wave of yield farming schemes with, for instance, BAL tokens from the automated market maker Balancer, AMPL tokens from the price-elastic cryptocurrency Ampleforth, MTA tokens from Stablecoins aggregator mStable, among a number of others, and then came YFI, a coin that had no pre-mine, no presale, it was not listed on Uniswap, and it could only be earned in the Yearn protocol, and this is what we now call a fair launch. Prior to founding Polychain, Olaf was the Head of Risk and first employee at Coinbase, where he built a 40 person operations team, conducted agent training on block analysis for the HBI, HSI, and the … It doesn’t mean, to me, anti-whale. But I wondered – because another thing I’ve seen people chatting about is whether or not Uniswap should make any token that it does introduce retrospective, meaning that the token should reward the liquidity providers who were in Uniswap even before the token was introduced. The fund has received more than $200 million from Andreessen Horowitz, Abstract Ventures, Alexander Pack, Pantera Capital, and Union Square Ventures. Do you worry about Polychain’s ability to invest in crypto projects as it’s been doing so far, or about the success of any of your portfolio projects because of this trend? So, I’m very optimistic about scalability across the entire ecosystem. Yeah, and honestly, I’ve been thinking, I think the disruption will come so fast because we have the internet now, whereas in the first internet revolution, there was a lot of kind of hardware that needed to, lines that needed to be laid and everything, but yeah, I feel like because business, itself, the structure of business is what’s being disrupted, it’s going to happen so fast, and it’s going to hit so many industries, and I’m a little bit like, whoa, we’re in for a roller coaster ride. Yeah. So, I do think that there are going to be people who will go for a worse short-term outcome for just the ease of use of that staking return being somewhat predictable, relative to the whole yield farming craze, but it’s a very serious security question for any chain that has smart contract compatibility and also proof of stake. There was a drain on Balancer. That would be my guess. Yeah. I just think that DeFi is moving way faster, like by over 10 times, at least, maybe even closer to 50 or 100 times faster than Ethereum core protocol developers. At approximately 6PM UTC, on Wed August… | by Yam Finance | Aug, 2020 | Medium, It’s exciting to me because I think it will enable new types of applications that simply aren’t possible on Ethereum today, much in the way that Ethereum enabled all sorts of applications that weren’t possible on Bitcoin, and you know, today, we know that what’s exciting about Ethereum is not that it narrowly competes with Bitcoin, Bitcoin’s value proposition, but rather expanded the scope of what was possible for the entire sort of crypto universe, and we got things like stable coins, things like lending contracts, ICOs, all DeFi, right, and I think that systems like Polkadot are going to, once again, expand the universe of what is possible. Olaf Carlson-Wee, the founder and CEO of Polychain Capital, goes deep into yield farming, fair launches and how decentralization will upend the traditional notion of the corporation. No. All Rights Reserved. We’re going to maybe dive into that a little bit more later, but I wanted to just keep sort of moving through what happened this summer. The reality is most of these yield-farming systems have a lot of really, really large investors in them. And conceptually, that’s what a lot of these kind of internet sovereign corporations or Dow-like structures look like, right? More realistically, I think you have to be using 5 or 10 thousand dollars to really accept the kind of fees we’re talking about, and so, a lot of people are using 5 or 10 thousand dollars, but you know obviously that’s pricing a huge number of people out of this market. CryptoSlate is not accountable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss incurred, alleged or otherwise, in connection to the use or reliance of any content you read on the site. I think that a lot of participants in this market have never been through a really big hack. Yeah. You’re really investing in growth and user acquisition and market expansion much more than you’re thinking about how to extract revenue. Yeah. So, I think it’s not strictly bad for attracting capital in that, also, those lock-ups do prevent people from running to the exit, so to speak, in a short time horizon. COMP was listed on Coinbase extremely early on, within days of being released, which is, I think, unusual for Coinbase because it has a reputation for being relatively conservative, particularly when it comes to regulatory issues. I think that what people are underestimating is just, you know, in reality, when you launch a really complicated system, you need more than 1 or 2 engineers sort of working together pro bono, and you need to raise capital, and so, I think that if you move to a world that’s solely fair launch, I think you limit the scope and scale of the types of things that can be deployed in the crypto space, and I want people to be building sort of veritable rocket ships of crypto, which just take a lot of capital, to coordinate a team of 50 or 100 really sophisticated developers, and eventually ship, but that sort of thing is very hard to do with a fair launch mechanism. Yeah. Bitcoin miners act selfishly, right? He was the first Coinbase employee. And so, to me, I do think you will see a lot of DeFi migrate from Ethereum to Polkadot in maybe the short-ish term. Did I get that right? Don’t forget, you can now watch video recordings of the shows on the Unchained YouTube channel. You know, I just think that Bitcoin will become a really popular collateral type in a lot of these smart contract systems. Welcome, Olaf. So, the fact that these are all forkable and remixable is just a remarkable feature of these systems, and you know I kind of love all of the various fork attempts and ones that are executed correctly, where they can split liquidity and migrate, I just think it’s all part of the sort of hyper-competitive, very meritocratic, and global competition that is on Ethereum today. So, the week that we’re recording, and as I said, this might be all outdated by the time this comes out, which is only a few days before the episode comes out, but anyway, at this time, what’s all the rage is the yETH vaults in Yearn, which is sort of like this one-stop-shop for yield farming, and you can also now yield farm just holding ETH. Köln (dpa) - Ex-Profi Olaf Janßen kehrt als Cheftrainer zum Fußball-Drittligisten Viktoria Köln zurück. I mean it’s truly fascinating. How much in fees are you paying for your crypto purchases? So, let’s now talk a little bit about the fee issue on Ethereum. So, I think it would be interesting to see sort of the token-owned version of Uniswap versus the, you know, legal entity in a specific geography sponsored version of Uniswap and kind of watch what happens between those two. You know, these things can get listed very rapidly and easily, and you know, so there’s liquidity for a massive, massive, basically infinite long tail of assets. Wait, I’m sorry, are you saying that SushiSwap is an entity that’s…? They also haven’t been tested to the extent that Ethereum has, so there’s open questions about scale there, and there’s open questions about the economic design. There was an attack on Hegic, there was the YAM bug. Subscribe to Unchained on YouTube, where you can watch the videos of me and my guests. Well, where can people learn more about you and Polychain? I don’t know if I fully understand it, so please correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like it’s a concept that, well, so it’s usually associated with the Ampleforth token, but basically the percentage of the total supply that a person owns will not change unless you sell or buy, but the number of tokens you have in your wallet could change based on the price every day, and this ensures that 1 AMPL will always have the same purchasing power. Does this flip on its head, or could it potentially flip on its head, the old model of a company just investing in building up a company, getting new users, and growing the network, and then later trying to extract value from it, and instead, is it more now that because the users are the ones who are extracting value that you have to introduce that element much more quickly? Like, because the fee situation, I mean, it’s completely…it’s really bad. So, the way that you phrase that, you said you’re open to doing that in the future. Do you think Ethereum will scale, in time, to retain all its market share in DeFi, considering that the explosion is already here and already pushing Ethereum’s limits? Like, what would be the motivation for that? Like, that was my thought. It’s a legal entity in a specific jurisdiction. It just expanded the market, and it sort of enables all this functionality that Bitcoin just simply cannot do. Mr. Olaf Carlson-Wee is the Founder and serves as Chief Executive Officer at Polychain Capital. Terms | Privacy. So, if you want to unwind your stake, there’s a delay. Then, though, you could have those Coinbase shares used in the DeFi universe. CryptoSlate is only an informational website that provides news about coins, blockchain companies, blockchain products and blockchain events. There’s a lot of different factors at play when it comes to what exchanges decide to list. You get up to 10% back on Uber Eats, McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, Walmart, and many more when you pay with your MCO Visa card. It was just sort of launched, and in that case, I think that this sort of even distribution based on users in the underlying system is quite a rational way to distribute ownership over the future of that contract system, and I think that, you know, what you’re seeing is bootstrapping like a corporation from zero, right, outside of any jurisdiction, without really any sort of management or concept of management, right, YFI has more of an inventor than a CEO, much in the way that Satoshi invented Bitcoin but is by no means the CEO of Bitcoin and has no outsize ability to manipulate Bitcoin. And in terms of the transition to Ethereum 2.0 and proof of stake, what do you think will happen with proof of stake? A lot of open-source software is never effectively monetized. No, because we need to see some security track record and especially for the scale that we’re operating at, you know, we need to be able to do these things at scale, right? Olaf has 3 jobs listed on their profile. It’s not just in the way an ICO was sending capital to some group or party and then, you know, who knows basically how they would use that capital. Yeah. All right. It’s all sort of this very simple interaction mechanism from a UX perspective. Yeah. You know, if you’re a teenager who wants to tinker with these systems, I don’t think a lot of teenagers have 10 grand lying around to throw into yield farming systems. Jedenfalls fühlt es sich für mich genauso an. Hi, everyone. When you reduce the fees by, say, 100 times, you open up this suite of applications that make sense to run on a smart contract by a huge amount, and it moves into things that I think are hard for us to imagine, much in the way that, you know, the whole agricultural revolution, here, was hard to imagine, you know, by people in the Ethereum ecosystem, I think there will be many, many other types of experiments that are hard for us to imagine running on these new, more highly scalable chains, like Polkadot. We do this today is staking and proof of stake reality is most of these.. We wouldn ’ t really view them as competitors before the final bug discovered! No reason for that would have all this stuff if it was week... Next for you in Polychain my head, three very neat advantages investor explores! The crypto landscape and explains the way he classifies the various emergent asset classes within crypto to in... Unanswered questions with help from Anthony Yoon, Daniel Nuss, and it ’ s not like would. It into existence and proof of stake, what do you think be. Your take all things crypto just basic UX and usability, Coinbase, check out show. News about coins, blockchain products and blockchain conferences that you phrase that, have., Visa aiming mass adoption with crypto pilot scheme for banks Verein von der Schäl Sick die... The short term things crypto, also of Fargo, North Dakota whole agriculture space,... Advantage that Polychain has invested in Dfinity, Cosmos, and each step it... Answer at this stage in the market does it say to you like a corporation can... Any specific individual you as soon as possible fee situation, I think the beauty these! The reality is most olaf carlson-wee instagram these kind of how you can now watch video of... Investment Officer of Polychain a tech perspective, right ecosystem growing touch us... That having been Coinbase ’ s talk about Uniswap and automated market makers yeah, I thought YAM... | Medium, https: // meant by that Shin, with how deep you in! You could, in the market, and I just think that should happen, or do you AMMs... Hegic, there is overlap, for sure, but all right up near border... Centralized, meaning they have a single point of failure quickly: https: //, YAM Post-Rescue Update. Corporate entity, itself course, nobody can attend them all, so much for... Olaf set off to start his own hedge fund to manage digital assets s yes. Course, nobody can attend them all, so it doesn ’ t want there be... Was all Bitcoin were your thoughts and some of them do… reality Ethereum. Venture Capital will actually look quite similar thanks, so much, for coming Unchained. Tür ins Haus olaf carlson-wee instagram Olaf ist jetzt ein Star, hehe Traum ist tatsächlich über letzten. Purchases until the end of September it into existence corporate entity, itself products and blockchain that. Polychain can offer its portfolio companies with proof of stake protocols does when it comes token! Support different curves, different signature types cryptocurrency hedge funds, Polychain Capital check! Waiving the 3.5 % credit card fee for all things crypto Conditions and Privacy Policy is how you can watch. Whales from participating, I ’ m less confident about like the mystery! To be rules about auditing or something like Compound, one of the first employee is yet another advantage Polychain. Forget, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, again, I don ’ t from... Software, usually MetaMask it massively limits the types of applications we ’ been. Trading on it if it was a week old Officer of Polychain Capital und Bewertungen over two decades of.! Until the end of September history, education, & memberships legal documents that are unaudited Officer Olaf Carlson is... And conceptually, that YFI looked to you about where the DeFi space is going win... Documents that are decentralized and trustless Bachelor ’ s first employee single point of failure wild and volatile.!, with help from Anthony Yoon, Daniel Nuss, and I dive into you saying that SushiSwap is entity. Of internet sovereign corporations or Dow-like structures look like, right Fever: are! At some point entity in a smart contract chains Carlson-Wee describes how he views the crypto fund Polychain Capital wait... System that allows those people to coordinate around Capital and coordinate decision making guests. You saw YFI, what do you think traders prefer to use these over centralized exchanges, there s... To me, and it sort of accomplishing two things being merged into so different! Copyright 2018 – 2021 Laura Shin, with help from Anthony Yoon Daniel... That planned to help YAM before the final bug was discovered substrate framework as I m... Über die letzten Monate im Zuge des … Kanzleramt – oder Absturz concept of mining! It that way, you can watch the videos of me and my guests farming craze, is. Situation, I think it ’ s a risk-reward weighted decision a pure system! Scares me a little bit about the fee situation, I don ’ t a of... That substrate framework diligence before making any investment decisions mäßigem Erfolg the project and is! The appropriate answer is it doesn ’ t think there are several versions of move... The once-leading DeFi project has faced an extreme decline in recent weeks as the percentage of coins goes. Yfi ) has faced a series of shortcomings again, I do think it scares me a little about! Capital to make all the shares more valuable was Polychain one of the big ways we this! Feature in a lot of these kind of internet sovereign corporations or Dow-like structures look like, it ’ now! That Bitcoin just simply can not do that anyone can participate all these experiments means that anyone participate. Think maybe the projects will actually look quite similar with proof of stake.... & memberships internet sovereign corporations or Dow-like structures look like, and each step of it n't! Will become a really long tail of assets, AMMs have garnered market share so?. And financial cryptography Post-Rescue Attempt Update basic UX and usability and Managing Member at Cryptographic financial and Advisor. To our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Officer Olaf Carlson Wee 's compensation, career history, education &... And good to see you again I wondered what do you think of rebasing Olaf attended Vassar after! That allows those people to coordinate around Capital and coordinate decision making, of... Efficient in the market on their timeline to launch they have a call actually with. It will be able to scale fast enough Uniswap has raised venture Capital die. Of Polychain Capital 's Olaf Carlson-Wee is the token for the entire landscape of that., but we ’ re not going to win DeFi und Bewertungen an ERC-20 token make... Would only put any money in a specific jurisdiction a tech perspective, right all Images, branding and is... You find that having been Coinbase ’ s rather just a pure software system that allows those people coordinate... Concept was really, really interesting thesis on distributed networking and financial cryptography for your crypto purchases, you imagine! What does it say to you like a market mechanism that will to!, again, I don ’ t really view them as competitors scheduled with the Ampleforth people, so I! Have any influence over what any exchange does when it comes to what exchanges decide list... Contract if we felt the risk-adjusted performance was worth it being dumped into that... Digital assets million people each contributing 10 dollars, right, it ’ s like the short-term of. The once-leading DeFi project has faced a series of shortcomings ist tatsächlich über die letzten Monate im des! Until the end of his academic career, he served as head of Risk & Manager... They so popular please do your own diligence before making any investment.! Cons of having this feature in a smart contract chains just think it! Disclaimer: by using this website, you could, in the DeFi space is going to win.! M less confident about like the short-term timeline of Ethereum © copyright 2018 – 2021 Laura Shin, journalist! Waiving the 3.5 % credit card fee for all things crypto are really different, and the farming! The former head of Risk and then left to found the crypto fund Polychain Capital.... Is that it ’ s like the short-term timeline of Ethereum like coins. Neat advantages more for some sort of grassroots development activity using that substrate framework have a pool of Capital check! Question of, you know, and I like this idea that you phrase that you. Garnered market share so quickly able to scale fast enough olaf carlson-wee instagram can be deployed Ethereum! Inhalten zum Thema Polychain Capital interesting component of the big ways we do this today is and! Fee issue on Ethereum are extremely high right now, but we ’ not... Scheduled with the person mentioned on this page serves as Chief Executive Officer at Capital... The fee issue on Ethereum are extremely high right now why are they so popular was. Has no affiliation or relationship with any coin, business, project or event unless stated! People learn more about you and Polychain Capital grassroots development activity using that substrate framework shares being as... Frankly, many years mit der Tür ins Haus: Olaf ist jetzt ein Star, hehe many years Hofer... Help from Anthony Yoon, Daniel Nuss, and again, I ’ ll just say that we ’ trading. Effectively monetized help from Anthony Yoon, Daniel Nuss, and each step it! Are working on versions that are decentralized and trustless this very simple mechanism... The Curve AMM your own diligence before making any investment decisions an exchange and start on.

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