At the Toutle-Sheep Canyon Trail Junction, go right on the Sheep Canyon Trail and cross the creek on a footbridge. The Sheep Creek Trail (FST 645) is all beautiful singletrack that winds through lots of aspens and meadows. The Sheep Creek Geologic Loop is a 10-mile section of road that takes you through the center of the Uinta Crest Fault. A spur right leads up to a camp site. The views are very rewarding. The paved Sheep Creek Geologic Loop road offers views of very unique scenery east of Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Sheep Creek Loop Scenic Byway is a 12.9 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Manila, Utah that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. Hike Southern end of the trail continues the AZT after Saddle Mountain Trail leaves for a short, aimless loop … If you keep an eye out, you might see a herd of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. The fun starts. We merged in just under the 5,800 contour line but anywhere above 5,600 is fine. The Sheep Creek Geologic Loop offers up plenty of scenic beauty, and a trip past its stunning rock formations is a great way to spend the day. The trail heads up in silver fir/noble fir woods with some western white pine, crosses a creek, and Sheep … Upper Creek The Sheep Creek Canyon overlook, at the southern boundary of the geological area, presents a panoramic view of the strata and structure of SCCGA. A spur right leads up to a camp site. There is no trail, so just pick the easiest route for yourself. At 1.6 miles from the trailhead you'll pass the mouth of Willis Creek and at 5.9 miles, the mouth of Bull Valley Gorge. It has some fairly easy climbs and descents and a couple of creek crossings with narrow log bridges. It forks from Hwy 44 about five miles south of the town of Manila. Three main geologic sites along the loop road are highlighted in this article: Sheep Creek Canyon overlook, Palisades Memorial Park, and Tower Rock. This trail is part of several great loops and destinations (Copper Camp Loop, Plateau Overlook, Sheep Creek Cabin, Davenport / Sears Loop) and is rarely done in its entirety. Trail Name: Sheep Creek Trail Best Use: Biking, Hiking Difficulty: Moderate Difficult Length: 6 mi (3.17 km) Start Elevation: 4,537 ft (1383 m) Elevation Gain: 3,263 ft (995 m) Trail Surface and Use: Primitive two track Trail Head Access: 2WD – 7.1 miles west on CR 4 .2 from Hwy 141 (just W of Gateway Store Trail Head Coordinates: 12 S 671110 m E 4289962 m N For several miles, the road follows Sheep Creek and the visually dramatic Uinta Fault. Head down (east,SE is okay) to the ravine that makes up upper Sheep Creek as depicted on topographical map. The terrain for the next 1-1.5mi of this loop is the most challenging to negotiate, yet nothing terrible. Drop to the creek bed and simply follow it down Sheep Creek. This route winds through the dramatic geologic formations of the Sheep Creek National Geologic Area. This area is … The Sheep Creek Trail starts at the end of FSR 455. The Uinta Fault, which runs for more than 100 miles along the north slope of the Uinta Mountains, is clearly visible in the extremely twisted rock layers along the upper part of the loop. The trail is primarily used for nature trips, road biking, and scenic driving and is best used from May until October. The road is narrow, windy and climbs to high elevations.

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