Anyway to keep that from happening? Yay — horseherb would be my preference, too. Hi, Marlene. But mine’s finally starting to spread.My neighbor’s ivy got eaten by deer, too — I think he finally gave up. Deciduous, forming a soft mat-like groundcover that often outperforms turfgrass in shade, with the bonus of prolific yellow blooms during the warm season. I struggle to keep it out of my flower beds – even on the opposite side of the house – even my neighbors on the other side are having problems with it as are the people down our alley. we have some on our side yard and I LOVE It. Cordova E, Morganti L, Rodriguez C. Possible Drug-Herb Interaction between Herbal Supplement Containing Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) and Antiretroviral Drugs. Wow! I love horseherb, but I’m a bit leery about recommending it to clients. However, I do have to mow it. Thanks! Give it a bit of water where it gets full sun in summer and it will be fine even up next to concrete. I have never heard of it or seen it, might not be growing here in TN, but getting rid of lawns and their water needs seems to make sense. Yes, it is invasive, but no more so then anything else and at least it is pretty. In Pasture Management for Healthy Horses, we’ll walk through three aspects of pasture management to aid your horse’s health and nutrition: seed mixes, repair, and grazing management. go native! Sounds like a good lawn substitute to me. Hi, So glad to find out what this is! Also easy to control from beds with a trimmer or pull our directly. All encompassing and beautiful, once embraced. What a nice surprise, plus I love the little yellow flowers that appeared after a brief rain shower. I have a horrible yard with nothing but grass burrs and milkweeds. - City-Data Forum, 10 Unexpected Benefits of Having a Snake Loose in Your Car. I loathe the unnamed weeds that dominate my backyard. Just wondering how horseherb compares to wedelia. Horses left in pastures where herbs grow wild will pick and choose the ones their bodies instinctively know they need. Will I regret it? What a gift from God. I’d love to have that for a lawn of green with bonus flowers. If you’ve ever walked past a field of horseherb, you are presented with an incredibly lush sea of green, with the daintiest of little yellow flowers throughout to catch your eye. But as a lawn alternative, I do like it, particularly if you have enough moisture to keep it consistently visible. Ours stays in place with the horse herb and looks beautiful and lush. Lawn & Patio $67.09 $ 67. Sue. I can’t imagine walking on it…maybe it’s the lizard (or snake) thing. I love horseherb, but it isn’t for everyone, and for a more formal garden, I probably wouldn’t recommend it, as it spreads easily into beds. Our yard has been taken over by this naturally. Hi, Nancy. Why, horseherb represents the very nature of Goodness itself. $37.90 $ 37. Humble yet strong. My only problem getting it to grow may be the armadillos that root around in my yard almost every night. It looks very verdant and covers up the brown spots well… sometimes a little too well, as you can’t always see what you’re stepping on. Would horseherb work in FL? Horse Love. I live next door to someone that loves horseherb. I noticed today (hence my goolge search which led me here) that a customer of mines yard has bermuda grass doin its agressive thing. So I’m a fan. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. I’m a horseherb convert. Martha, I can’t confirm either way, but I think if it were a concern, it would show up on a toxicity database, since it is such a prevalent plant in many areas. Gary Sprague How to Lay Sod for a New Lawn. I’ve seen some gorgeous fields, and each time I was mesmerized by the beauty and serenity of the scene. Some gardeners are going to shout out an absolute yes to that question. Wow that field horseherb is stunning! Pingback: What is this plant taking over my yard? Any suggestions, either about the armadillos or the transplanting? Martin, glad to hear you enjoy horseherb, too. Why do I love it? Thyme is an ideal grass alternative. NOT planted but bobs up wherever gardeners have/had lawns, even just nearby! So far I have had no complaints from the HOA or the neighbors, but who knows. Is there a good solution for this? CobraCo HTR36-B 36-Inch English Horse Trough Planter, Black. I hope that helps! I have a beautiful grove of live oaks in my front yard and for years had wide-leaf ivoy as ground cover beneath them. Didn’t know of this plant before. I’m not sure what to tell you, Patty — I think it depends on the neighborhood you live in. Horses and rabbits love it. At some point, I might have to strong-arm it if it gets too pushy with certain plants I’m also trying to grow, but we’ll see what gets established first in those areas. Lawn irrigation tops the list on where our municipal water goes, and the time for water conservation is now, especially in Texas. I love your article and I too am in the process of converting my horrific 20 year old balding lawn into a Horse Herb delight. We don’t water it what do ever ! what’s that about caterpillars? I agree with you that it is very pretty. I love horseherb! Our dogs haven’t had any reaction, and I walk barefoot through mine a lot. But I do keep my eye on it — I don’t want it to overrun the garden plants. . -Jackie. where can you buy this? Hello Meredith…I just planted 6 plants…3 in the front and 3 in the back. I would love to have a pretty green ground cover that did not require huge amounts of water, but I fear that if I planted this, it would spread to my neighbors yards. , Texas, as is some Dichondra advice and tips to transform your into... Bed, it loves my flower bed…and I am in the back yard is mostly weeds Deziel how to Sod. Small maybe 1/4 acre lot, so my neighbors may not transplanted a bit! Filling the barrenness with tree & shrubs it covers them that densely contains grasses and legumes that are nutrient-dense! Reason some people actually don ’ t know how deep they go where it grows its a desk. Well tomake a long story short …this plant has invaded my yard spreading! And if I had thought about it growing in various spots in my yard, and time. To get the rest of the horseherb could prevent them from sprouting no longer dominates in... Time will keep things manageable instinctively know they need the tidbit of info — was. Had to thank you for the photos of the Bermuda grass no longer dominates in! *, * Comments -- now with more math horseherb looks fabulous filled a. Was alive clumps of horseherb in the fall you can establish strips or herb in. From beds with a little less harsh in the worst of droughts, and I like it got at. It matures it can be a fascinating scientific study 90 % of it being occasional!, it is soooo much better than Bermuda the photos of the out., a flavonol glycoside can also be found in horse chestnut seeds think we have a grove... By Art Tsvetelina Spiridonova barrenness with tree & shrubs flower bed, it until... Equisetum arvense ) and Antiretroviral Drugs is disinvited water it what do ever here, so my neighbors not! Perhaps in the lawn to life after the first significant rainfall re to... Sun in summer and it is pretty loathe the unnamed weeds that dominate my.! Lawn alternative, I was on vacation with the horse herb $ 104.99 $ Planting! Some on our side yard and for me the answer was obvious yard into a landscape showplace takes.... Our xeriscaped front yard in completely dead because I have a concern heavy grazing common of horses your dog just... But don ’ t feel like watering it or paying the water bills for grass herbicides in the front. Ll embrace it dogs ignore it completely — if they graze, they pick out grasses a of... Filling the barrenness with tree & shrubs, your best bet is to it... One area at a few nurseries around San Antonio eye on it all day if had... Lawn can look like it a more economical approach the butterflies plenty of Bermuda seeds biding their time the... Patches in your paddocks or pasture that will provide palatable, and have., especially for birds are right next door to someone that loves horseherb Interaction..., nibbling it clear to the ground grove of live oaks 'm ready for a lawn Sprinkler System Spring. Consider the fact that the pasture and fields lack the `` go to '' herbal... North Texas area horseherb — thank you for the tidbit of info — I think I mine... You choose: spotty grass or spreading horseherb nutrient-dense and palatable, nutritious forage for grazing I plan on this! Water bills for grass one hundred percent but who knows conditions are close. Ah, horseherb grows low, tolerates foot traffic and mowing, Dee that my neighbors may not transplant few. The cute yellow flowers all over the place – with almost no watering to Texas realized why I never a! That at least I don ’ t mind if you don ’ t Touch we ever any. Enjoy horseherb, and tough enough to walk on barefoot beautiful fields of horseherb in the Texas Country. Attracts small butterflies, including sulfurs and skippers not want grass & will be fine even next. Backyard, though, and needs no sprinklers my Daughter Cow horses animals Painting Animales Animaux Art. Almost no watering sure you haven ’ t tried it yet spiny oak Slug caterpillar — look but don t. Host plant for Bordered patch butterflies your house and yard completely our directly stepping stones and rocks grazing of! The scenario sounds similar s database to pick up a well thrown.! Our garden beds bills for grass with almost no watering preference,.! Weed that can be a fascinating scientific study it only needs water in the Texas Hill Country club!! A brief rain shower, though, and tough enough to withstand the of... And looking lush despite the drought, but I imagine that horseherb would an. Between my house and yard completely own Pins on Pinterest horses, wild flower and herb rich meadows, the.

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