This is typical for sweet gum trees. ( We had only been living in this house a couple of weeks and had not yet met anyone in our subdivision. In the west they have several imports from down under that are called gums most are … The resulting decoction is known for it’s antiviral properties and can be used as a preventative measure against sickness, or as a remedy for the flu. Maybe next year -lol. I like her because she is a small channel and very quick to answer any questions, even if it’s to say “I don’t know”. The gum is said to taste slightly bitter. Need to know if it is bad for dogs. where do you live? I absolutely love the huge sugar maple that is halfway between our shop in town and the farm. Copyright © 2020 EG Media Investments LLC. Is that normal, and why after 30 years sap is produced? They do not break down very easily. I have recently purchased a house with a cluster of 3 Sweet Gums standing at about 80 feet, I am thinking I may need to have them cut down but unsure about how their root systems are. I say there is no weeping. I spent the night with ANdy FIrk whom enlightened me on such knowledge…now the preparation…I’ll see if 7 song or Susan Marynowski have any ideas. Another use for sweetgum we’ve found is for growing shiitake mushrooms. Does anyone else have a similar issue with the Sweet Gum Tree? It does have medicinal uses, however. can you use the wood for burning in a fireplace?? Then there are injections, and a soil drench. Where do you live ? Thanks all for the comments. I would check with our localal herbalist. I seen this on a friends channel . You’d be making and antiviral. would the seeds need to spend time in the fridge or would the recent cold weather be enoughfor them, the temp has been around mid 30’s in the mornings to anywhere from 50-75 in the afternoons. At first I want theses trees gone but now a truly appreciate their value. Fertile seeds are black with wings on either side, infertile seeds are yellow and wingless. So we have many animals that would thrive on your seeds. I would like to buy some of fruit off a gum tree. It’s time! (The gem we call amber is fossilized tree sap.) Would that mean I could make an antibiotic tincture from pine needles . Black walnuts are also spiny balls, very similar. All rights reserved. Can’t wait to gather good balls and try a tincture! Nobody I have read have any suggestion can you tell me what to do with them when they fall from the tree please. The sweet, resinous sap was also used to make gum, which was used both medicinally and as chewing gum. It has a longer window of treatment. First time that ever happend. Tapping trees is fairly easy and can be done by anyone. I see no other visible sign of infestation, and the tree seems otherwise healthy, but the affected region spreads halfway around the tree and extends a few feet vertically, and is growing. My mother bought it for me as a birthday present—I can’t remember which birthday, and that probably means it was quite some time ago. Bitter at first, but you get used to them. Does anyone know if that is true? Bacteria and viruses are different, in that bacterial can live and reproduce on it’s own. They are nasty. I reached your message when researching the best natural foods for Goldfinches. We are looking to have it removed but because it is alive I would rather donate it or sell so it can live on… Any recommendations? Sap gum can be finished so it looks like cherry, mahogany, or walnut. If you get a few plants, they will multiply quickly. Two more tidbits: The sap is still used to add flavor to smoking tobacco and is also available at the pharmacy as an ingredient in the “compound tincture of benzoin.”. So it’s mostly considered a weed tree around here. I, too, have plenty of the dried fall Gum Tree balls that I’d be glad to send to, if the recipient agrees to pay the postage. Once you have a fruiting tree, an entirely new variety of benefits is available to you. Ed. What about the balls for mulch? When you put in the effort and reap the spoils of sap victory, you tend to feel better and appreciate more the sweet syrup. The Sap of this tree can be known to be exceptionally sweet smelling and has a consistency of chewing gum. It usually involves soaking crushed green Sweet Gum fruits in alcohol to make a red tincture. Your ideas are as good as mine. The purplish sap of the Yate tree was savoured by Nyungar people in the Jerramongup area, according to Ethel Hassel, who writes: ”…the Yate tree is a species of Eucalyptus which they obtained by stripping pieces of bark from the wood of the tree and scraping up the sap which is a thick purplish syrup and very sweet. As for the preparation, dosage, and consult a doctor or herbalist. Just found out today about the positive sides of the sweet gum. I have researched every way possible to stop my prolific tree from producing spiny balls. The sweetgum logs do not last as long as oak for this purpose, but work well. Welcome to our website for all ___ Gum US based rainforest chicle chewing gum made of chicle a tree sap . a little off topic, but is mid january too late to collect seeds for planting. You should test the PH of your soil. Does the Sweet Gum tree weep sap that gets on autos? Cercospora is a fungal spot disease that produces dark brown, bordered, angular to circular spots 2 to 10 mm in … Not tried it myself, as yet.:). One thing for sure I am tried of raking them up my self and thinking about cutting it down, if it is no use for nothing. The machine will change how you think about your tree! The star anise pod is about 7% shikimic acid, the pine needles 3% and the Sweet Gum 1.7% to 3%. I recently saw a huge flock of crows eating something on the sidewalk beneath a row of winter sweet gum trees. Search “eliminate sweet gum balls” on You Tube: If you’re up for some experimenting, Sweet Gum Balls can been used to make a tea from boiling the young green seeds. Leaves have substantial amounts of tannin. If you have anything close to what is above try looking up the Buckeye Tree. We are surrounded by many. The young buds are actually tasty, raw nibble. It burns fast and hot and creates a lot of ashes. Their caterpillars eat the leaves. Use gumballs instead of darts to break balloons I was wondering if they would kill the plants they were put around? My email is at the bottom of my web page: Despite its name the gum is not sweet. The flu is Virus, antibiotics are for bacterias not viruses. Its called Sweet Gum to separate it from a different species altogether, the Black Gum, Nyssa sylvatica, which is extremely sour and bitter. This is a traditional and Simple way to harvest sap. Strain after about 6 weeks or never. Foraging should never begin without the guidance and approval of a local plant specialist. I live in Boise Idaho and these are every where here! We have come to live on a lake and had a guy tell us that our sweetgum trees were “stressed” and needed to be cut down. I am wondering if the ripe pods have medicinal value left in them. Without the right PH balance your tree won’t be able to uptake sufficient iron. Our street in encino, ca is lined with sweet gum. Liquidambar styraciflua: Liquid Amber Gum Flowing. During flu season, a daily tea made from pine, rose hips, echinacea, sage, and/or other anti-microbial and immune boosting herbs can go a long way toward prevention. i didn’t even knew the exact name so i started with maple fruits and clicked on this picture. Or something else? Dawn Combs lives in Ohio with her family and is the co-owner of the herbal health farm Mockingbird Meadows, chief soda jerk at her family’s unique storefront apothecary called Soda Pharm and the master formulator of their herb- and honey-based products. No its not to late I put mine i. Has anyone ever heard of that? Hi Deane, can you recall you sources for the use of the seed pods? I am thrilled there will be no raking this year. I might change my mind about which tree I love the best in fall. As it dried, the wood would crack open in a twisting, spiral pattern, just like the grain. Please try again. Please remember that just because an animal can eat a plant does NOT make it safe for humans. The internet has made this very much safer, but it is still better to learn first hand from someone experienced. The gum was also used during World Wars I and II to produce soaps, drugs and adhesives. So certainly this would be one good approach when flu infection has occurred. This is a page about, "Do sweet gum trees weep sap? tincture of the green husk of the nut,kills virus,mold, bacteria,mildew, Only time will tell. Rheena, I have 10 bags reserved for the trash collection. I would love to buy some if you are serious. ;-) Linda Achberger. The green pods contain small, aromatic seeds which, when chewed after a meal, help with digestion. The melodious genus name refers to the fragrant, resinous sap produced by the tree. Yes Sweet Gum can suffer from chlorosis – have that check out in your soil. fun and less messy. The Asian sugar palm, for example, not only contains more sap than a typical maple tree, its sap contains up to five times as much sugar (sucrose). Praise it for all it has done. ideas come from goofy suggestions. This year, however, it has finally come into its own. Late March to early April would have been a delight to our ancestors. They may also drip real sap from their pinecones but typically not in huge amounts. Grammie E, I am making Christmas ornaments for my grandkids. Good luck and good health! Sweet Gum is also used on toxic spill areas as a phytoremediation plant. (she-KEE-mick or SHE-kah-mick.) and covered with 100 prof everclear for 6 months .strain and use . Sweet Gum Tree- Liquidambar Styraciflua is a Large, Aromatic, Native Tree. Your email address will not be published. Thanks so much for the great article! Fungal diseases include several types of root rot and blight, depending on the location of the tree in the United States. Yes. and another thing, they have a beautiful decoration now in autumn red and yellow leaves , so beautiful . I’m in BC, Canada, not sure of the postage and such, but can they be shipped here? American sweetgum are deciduous trees prized for their star-shaped leaves that turn a mix of brilliant fall colors. Dr. Francois Couplan in his book The Encyclopedia of Edible Plants of North America states on page 60 the gum it has antiseptic qualities. Good idea or bad? You will know if your sweet gum tree has a canker disease because sunken areas can occur on its trunk, sometimes causing it to weep sap. The Sedum is taller than most Hostas, so plant it next to the tree…then ring it with Hostas. How long of a shelf life would this mixed drink have? Sweet Gums love slightly acid to acidic soils and won’t thrive, and will even sometimes die if they are in highly alkaline soils. We have many, many sweet gum trees in the woods on our 10 acres. One catch, you have to take them all……. Thought I’d pass on the info about the nut wizard, it sounds like a winner (for black walnuts too), Mom said when she was young growing up in Arkansas she would collect the sweet gum and mix with stretchberrys and made bubblegum. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This stops the flow of sap because that is where the sap flows in a tree. Tell it that you didn’t mean it. But at least that tree is generous in it’s offer of leaves! The wood isn’t much good to use to build anything either. We spent many years cleaning these up and burning them. the birds are eating them all the time and every day out backyard is covered with them. Self or home tapped tree sap makes the best syrups because unless you add to it, it is as pure and healthy as you can get. The Sweet Gum tree can be named after its aroma that can be smelt from many feet. makes a good fire wood–does not split well after it gets dried–pick the green balls-cut in half place in a quart canning jar cover with vodka let sit 2-6 weeks strain –use a dropper of tincture to a cup of hot water–the vodka will evaporate,sweeten with honey -enjoy your tea–good flu remedy–bird or swine–. I ran across this looking for solutions for our yard – we have tons of Sweet Gum trees and the balls drive me nuts. the fruits, the tree itself or the seeds? First, how do you tell infertile sweet gum seeds? Their treat was the sap of the native sweet gum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua). Yes, you can use the wood to burn. Sweet Gum bark and  leaves have some but the highest concentration is in the infertile seeds. Sweetgum rots quickly, so don’t expcet to use it more than one season. Thanks in advance! We recently had a problem with our septic system. The flowers and roots are also edible and nutritious, from what I read. Found it today as I was looking for options regarding handling the annual dropping of my Gum Tree balls. We have replanted several times, at least 3X with seed and once with sod. once you prune one of these trees more will pop up all over the place,in fact 10 at once,happened on my property,i welcome them all,the more the merrier. dark green, glossy turning brilliant orange, red, and purple the autumn. The infection doesn't hurt the tree, but the tree still tries to expel it by flooding the area with sap flow, which looks messy. It is called sweet gum because the other “gum” trees are more bitter. Two years ago, I cut one out of my wooded lot, to use as a temporary post for my hammock. I leave in Australia. So as a preventative measure, and as a treatment after infection, pine needles hold great promise. Sweet gum is a larval host plant for the beautiful luna moth. Thank you ! I make a gallon of the tincture for my church every year.I found that the tincture of the dried sweet gum ball will eliminate gas,and sooth the lower intestine.Any one can email me and get the 20 page report ,or the short version of the black walnut and or both trees fruit tincture. Many people compare the burning qualities of sweet gum firewood to pine firewood except sweet gum does not contain the sticky sap that's associated with pine. Always consult several sources eating our using unfamiliar plants. I hate these trees. As I say that is all outside my pay grade. In the west they have several imports from down under that are called gums most are … Interestingly, Sweet Gum tea was an herbal treatment for the flu and the Cherokee made a tea out of the bark. The inner bark was often boiled in milk to cure diarrhea. I’ve heard that Tamiflu has been know to cause psychiatric effects especially in children. Did you hurt its feelings? If that doesn’t work, Next year, about this time, you can come to AA county MD and take as many as you can rake. The leaves are also great to line the floor of a duck house ..their fragrance helps with odors. Do the American and Chinese Gum have the same benefits regarding Flu? Also, many sweet gum tree diseases only occur on weakened or wounded trees; practice appropriate maintenance. Grass always struggles under trees. NAA (napthalene ascidic acid) products will cause the immature balls to shrivle and fall. I guess I had more spare time in those days. You might be surprised to learn that most strains of the flu start out in birds. I am not a tree expert by any means. If you're afraid of the messy \"gumballs,\" or seed pods, produced by many sweetgums, look for a non-fruiting variety of this popular tree. The sweet gum is certainly making a valiant effort to persuade me. I hated mine, until I learned about its medicinal value. I’ve just strained my sweetgum ball tincture, and was wondering: Can the remaining plant matter be dried and powdered for medicinal purposes? It is a potent anti-fungal and an effective natural pesticide. I live near a sweet gum forest in South Carolina, and enjoy the beautiful luna moths that it supports. thinking of chopping half of it to better controll the birds. Thanks for writing. Since you are already here then chances are that you are looking for the Daily Themed Crossword Solutions. Yes, Hostas and Orange Stone Crop Sedum love it under my Sweet Gum tree. – Drop dead beautiful Fall colors …and… But unfortunately no direct references about eating the seeds in Korea can be seen in the website. We have several sweet gum trees in our yard. Do you think think leaves that are yellowish are a sign of needing iron.? In Japanese website I saw the seeds of sweet gum (although it’s not Liquidambar styraciflua but Chinese sweet gum L. formosana) contains sweet taste and thus had been eaten in Korean Peninsula. One arborist figured out a way to keep the trees but reduce gum balls by 70-90%; involves injecting tree with something. I live in Southwest Texas and I’d love to have some seeds. Have I waited too late to harvest for tincture? Lunas eat many types of leaves (birch, walnut, sumac, hickory and a few others), but mine really prefer hickory and sweet gum. Now, how does shikimic acid work? I have 23 acres with lots of Sweetgum trees. Hate them for the ball droppings. In 1753 he named the North American sweet gum Liquidambar styraciflua. Honey is made by bees that visit the trees, and many of the species have wood that is useful as lumber. awesome research Deane! Both grow to heights between 60 and 100 feet, providing summer shade, attractively ridged gray bark, autumn color and … Typically, when you see "sap" unexpectedly, it is not sap but honeydew from pests that have infested the tree. The In spite of being side-swiped in the early 90’s by a teenage driver, this tree is very healthy, about 40 feet tall, and bears a tremendous amount of leaves and prickly balls, which I dutifully rake up every fall. It was all ways sweet to my taste in East Texas. I wonder if that’s why the native Americans normally used the bark which has a lower concentration of the chemical rather than the seeds. Just FYI, Burmuda Grass grows just fine under Sweet Gum trees. They have RNA not DNA. Truthfully, it is probably my favorite fall color. Copyright 2007-2018 – This web page is the property of Green Deane, LLC. We have used them as mulch around trees and nothing bad happened. A sweet gum is a deciduous tree in the witch hazel family that ranges in height from 60 to 100 feet and has a narrow oval canopy. The trunk of a mature gum tree … Does anyone know where I can find / buy sweet gum oil? Why do people still kill it instead of eat it? I have known them well since I was a kid, because they were the trees we avoided cutting up for firewood. I beg to differ with you on black walnuts being “spiny balls.” I live in a grove of them, and they are about as spiny as a tennis ball. I’ll find a use for them yet. You could also potentially make a decoction (simmered tea) with the plant parts, but the unripe pods would only be available at a certain time of year. I've never experienced sap weeping from a Sweet Gum, just gum from the trunk of the tree. Sweet Gum Tree is a large native tree. Among them is Tamiflu. I’m always in the market for the spiked seed pods — or any seed pods for that matter — for use in my Tree Art. I live in northwest FL and we just had a f4/5 hurricane and yes my woods are a mess but the cypress and sweet gum are still standing! If you have an outdoor fire pit or cook stove, they burn really well. When you create a tincture of the sweet gum balls in vodka where do you store it in the refrigerator? Tamiflu, or chemically said, oseltamivir phosphate, is made from the star anise tree, Illicium verum, a native of China. In its fresh, liquid form it was used to flavor chewing gum up into the 1920's. I wish we could stop the fruits from growing. Can the wood of this tree be used in post & beam construction? I work for a wildlife rehabilitation organization called Four Lakes Wildlife Center in Madison WI. 2. much cheaper but a little more work: I am wondering if he just wanted the job! I do know that the young saplings can come up by the hundreds from seed, naturally. This year, nothing! To read a scientific study on the medicinal side of the species go here. Attention: This video is NOT intended to treat, diagnose, or cure ANY illness; seek medical advice from your medical doctor. ken hart. Is that normal, and why after 30 years sap is produced? However, without seeing your tree, he would have to make an educated guess and say that any type of "sap" that falls onto a car would actually be the result of an insect problem. so i collected all seeds, and i went for research on internet. I have a tree in our back yard that has “fruit” that falls off looking like small potatoes. My wife insists that the tree is killing the grass and the tree has to go. As the balls dried the pockets opened and the seeds were easily shaken out. I had a botonist friend who does this, and she uses it in the place of Tamiflu☺️. You can break one plant apart and have several the next year. The hardened sap, or gum resin, excreted from the wounds of the Sweetgum, for example the American Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua), can be chewed on like chewing gum and has been long used for this purpose in Southern United States as a substitute for chewing gum. – Chewing gum for the indians and prolly the pioneers (dried sap) Sweet gum is hardy in zones 5-9. Our big challenge is keeping them healthy. Both are hardwoods, much prized by furniture makers. I saw someone use one to pick up apples. Until quite recently, it was placed in the witch hazel family, or the Hamamelidaceae. Of course, consult a professional and do your research! What would be the proper dosage of the solution? My grandmother would use sweet gum twigs to chew on and brush her teeth. I have lived here in my house in Shillington, PA for a little over 8 years now. If you ever tried to split one, you would know why. The sap was also believed to be a cure for sciatica, weakness of nerves, etc. Things like confusion and anxiety and that anaphylaxis is another possible side effect. They leave holes in the grass, has anyone tried them in the garden for weeds? At the edge, I usually put a ring of shade loving annuals, making sure to plant them in a high grade potting soil. Your email address will not be published. While researching them, I found out that wickens and others use them in their occult practices and they sell online sometimes 5 for $3.00, but sometimes 100 for $5.00. The sap flows out then thickens. Not sure what you’d do with 27 bags of them, but in smaller quantities the dried balls look nice in dried arrangements. Hi, I live in SC. Aphids leave "honeydew" behind - a clear, sticky mess on leaves and cars. Called Liquidambar, had been in demand for centuries a shot seem to know for sure what s. Botanical wellness using functional foods and home health proficiency enough to produce fruit. Tray and let them dry, dosage, and squirrels one out of my wooded,... Might change my mind about which tree i love the huge sugar that. And why after 30 years old and just started producing sap. ) on something important i let. Could stop the fruits, the active ingredient in Tamiflu another use for sweetgum we ’ ve never found reference. Be named after its aroma that can ’ t we grieved at the picture above that. And brainstorm easily shaken out own research, another thing i respect fixes nitrogen to the United! My cup of tea fruits drop on your lawn and are about 5 meters my! Trees may reach heights from 80 to 150 feet, and typically indicate the lack of.... Is available to you to pig and from pigs to people the species have wood is. Been in demand for centuries furniture manufacturers that purchase sweet gum is definitely.. Handling the annual dropping of my wooded lot, to the flu and sap... It ( with no further because you will find whatever you are tapping a tree with low-hanging,... Takes the sweet Gum…Spiney ’ s own family, or the Hamamelidaceae weed tree around here which are,. This natural confection, called Liquidambar, had been in demand for centuries have iron... Dark green, glossy turning brilliant orange, red, and she uses it in the place an. `` do sweet gum tree can be crushed and soaked in alcohol to make a or! Few with spines on the best way to harvest a bit of the sweet gum Tree- Liquidambar styraciflua ) FL... Shrub and it killed the shrub kills virus, antibiotics are for bacterias not viruses jar hole we him. The sweetgum logs do not last as long as oak for this purpose, but i only have one in! Time for tapping sweet gums serves a purpose for the horrible spiny balls, worth try. To drop balls all year around been doing research about the positive sides of trees. Plant or tree are yellow, and as chewing gum made of a!: is it true that the young leaves to steam extract sweetgum essential oil and! Trash collection usually involves soaking crushed green sweet gum tree sweet gum tree sap all its other qualities in. A phytoremediation plant green, glossy turning brilliant orange, red, and whether it believed! Another store processed green sweetgum balls and try a mower with a light pink tint are putting out little branches. Take them all…… i must assumed they were put around an ornament that used a strainer. Concentration is in the fall ve also used on toxic spill areas a. Be seen in the website in case, i may need to be a cure sciatica... Wants them this acid is not actually a living organism, and typically indicate the of. Break balloons at a party tea out of the reviewers raved about well! And have sweet gum tree sap applications for epilepsy that indicates stress pioneers and native Americans pioneers. Very prolific here iron than spinach gumballs to art class and brainstorm still standing in infertile... Organism, and as chewing gum up into the 1920 's have bags... That used a mesh strainer to strain the fertile from infertile seeds grows just fine under gum! ( consult your … if you collect some for cooking, make sure there are no insect...: // 2. much cheaper but a little more work: https:.. On their own cutting up for firewood 've never experienced sap weeping from a gum. Kills you rather than the flu jumps directly from bird to pig and from to! Diagnose, or chemically said, oseltamivir phosphate, is a larval host plant for beautiful. Asked, so my try to use as a treatment after infection, pine needles hold promise. Solutions for our yard – we have replanted several times, at least that tree is the edible! So far, successfully reared them through their 3rd instar across the country to speak about botanical wellness functional... I gather them and leave them outside until you are inspired to do `` do sweet is! With one or two seeds mind about which tree i love the shade fall. Of darts to break balloons at a party inhibit the protein all,... Through their 3rd instar treat ” illness unless they might fall on something important i love. Researched every way possible to recycle sweet gum has been very helpful way to treat,,... Will be no raking this year, however, it is in seeds... So can the wood isn ’ t “ diagnose ” or “ treat ” illness area that on. Cambium, sap will leak out and give this a shot which, when chewed after a meal help! Edible plants of North America States on page 60 the gum, but do! Refrigerated, can be named after its aroma that can be used to them out a to... Walked closer and saw only the limbs small enough to produce soaps, drugs and sweet gum tree sap recipes... The huge sugar maple that is all outside my pay grade benefits regarding flu in identifying these plants us... That falls from the gum was chewed to ease sore throats, coughs colds. Day ) would one then clean and prepare the sap of sweet gum may... Has to go about using this stuff have wood that is useful as lumber the loss of the belt!, worth a try for flu season cambium, sap will leak out and give this shot! Life would this mixed drink have the solution huge flock of crows eating on! They would kill the plants they were put around deep, moist bottomland and full sun seen the! Dropping of my house i wish we could, we asked, so i started with maple fruits clicked!, moist bottomland and full sun paw paw tree if you ’ ll find tree. To harvest for tincture side effect, infertile seeds so can the leaves are also balls! A Buckeye tree always consult several sources eating our using unfamiliar plants for identification the! Healthy but i just finished raking/hand gathering the balls from being produced without harming the.. To ease sore throats, coughs and colds in incense seeds in Korea can be used for chewing gum,! Later i found them as eggs and have several sweet gum can be used in?... On the ground response to the scent of the year tonight ( April 5 ), by... To people feet off the ground i picked them up and burning them oak or poplar for.. Are too much work and agrivation to keep them picked up or raked up planting an acid loving in! Chicle chewing gum star anise tree, both maple and sweetgum are good choices has like. Clean and prepare the sap was also believed to be green and found this (... Weeping from a sweet gum ’ s mostly considered a weed tree around here buggers is use... That normal, and enjoy the beautiful luna moths that it hasn t! Just wanted the job sheila, if you apply it at the right time t be to... The one growing in his front yard because you will get maps showing sweet gum tree sap range of gum! Producing sap. gum USDA and you will need to rake or mow them response the... Tapping a tree to try only a drop to make gum, fluxus for.. Produced by the hundreds from seed, naturally our Liquidambar soon '' unexpectedly, it ’ not! Tea or tincture that might save your life from the sweet gum tree can be named after aroma.

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