Wines. Waitrose Cognac VSOP, £24.50 ... Waitrose’s in-house cognac is sourced from Charente’s leading growers’ co-operative, with flavours of … Supermarket own-label Cognacs can be a bit hit-and-miss, but this is an enjoyable exception. Cognac, France View other results from Waitrose Ltd. Category: Grande Champagne. Region: Cognac. But more important is the way this differs across the Cognac region. Buy No.1 Armagnac VSOP online from Waitrose today. Because of its location further inland than Cognac, and the more rustic approach to its production, Armagnac has a more full-bodied and rounder feel. Since 1724, the House of Rémy Martin has been driven by one quest- to capture the heart of Cognac: Cognac Fine Champagne. Waitrose Ltd Waitrose Cognac VSOP From. VSOP: A Guide To The Brandy Alphabet. We'd hesitate to serve this as a snifter, but it would go brilliantly with Coke. Waitrose No.1 Christmas pudding is made with vine fruit and Courvoisier VSOP Cognac, plus cream and pecans. Free delivery - T&Cs apply Best is to … Waitrose No 1 VSOP. Alcohol level: 40%. Description. Delish. But many Cognac and Armagnac houses will age well beyond set minimums, meaning quality can vary. Waitrose VSOP Cognac Upmarket UK supermarket chain, Waitrose, is well known for partnering with wine and spirit makers to bring quality products to their shelves under their own brand name. In order of importance, the zones are: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois (the two outer crus, Bois Ordinaires/Bois Communs and Bons Bois, are less relevant). Country: France. Martell Médaillon VSOP Cognac 1715, the birth year of the House of Martell Made from a skilful blend of mature eaux-de-vie from the four finest Cognac regions, its character is smooth and mellow with complex, rounded and woody aromas. It’s made by Unicognac, part of the region’s biggest group of co-operatives, and it’s exactly what you want from a traditional VSOP, with lots of bright fruit, vanilla and toffee fudge. Matured in Montezun oak casks, this is a rich and intense armagnac. Waitrose Cognac VSOP £16.49, Waitrose Not much flavourful character here but it is a really soft drink. The region is divided into six zones, or crus, that radiate from the town of Cognac. With always the same signature style since its creation, this vibrant gold VSOP is smooth, rich and perfectly balanced, revealing ripe stone fruit and vanilla notes. We love the fact that there’s a range of sizes as well – from 100g to 1.2kg – so you can shop to suit the number of pud lovers sitting at your table this year. Proudly Sponsored and Supported by. Delish.

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