MagTech did not perform any better than the previous two. It's a heavy hitter with a classy-looking bisley grip. In the above-mentioned equation weight also plays a factor, not just for the speed with which it can be put to use, but if the revolver is unusually heavy, shooting offhand will be negatively affected. E-mail your comments/questions about this site to:, For questions/comments about American Hunter magazine, please, You can contact the NRA via phone at: NRA Member Programs1-800-672-3888, To advertise on American Hunter, visit for more information. The Scenario: You’ve booked the plains game hunt in South Africa. I like it and will keep this pistol. Your shots may be a bit on the long side, so your choice should shoot relatively flat (in terms of a revolver, emphasis is on relative). Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel Construction, Sights: Factory Black Fixed Front / Rear Adjustable, • Shipped with rubber grips and scope mount (Weaver style). It is amazing just how hot the barrel can get after several rounds of firing this powerful ammo. You might want to limit the barrel length to one that isn’t unwieldy, which you can quickly press into action at the drop of a hat—your choice needs to handle well. Shooting a heavy, recoil-inducing revolver is a perishable skillset with a rather abbreviated shelf life, requiring regular practice to maintain. Kahr Arms bought Magnum Research and then raked over the BFR line of revolvers. The trigger pull is crisp with no creep and just right for hunting. After shooting the high-power .454 loads, these Cowboy loads were quiet and almost recoil-free, not to mention I was only burning about half as much powder compared to the .454 loads. I continued until I had shot the remaining 30 rounds and managed to hit a 4-inch circle with all but 4 rounds, which were all just outside of the 4 inches. This revolver choice, therefore, will be an exercise in balance. For years, fans of the wheelgun have asked manufacturers to produce a reasonably priced 5-shot hand-cannon. Accuracy displayed at 100-yards by the BFR.454, Federal Swift A-frame load, and Leupold scope was boringly consistent. Of equal importance is the grip, so we opted for the best grip frame available: Magnum Research’s interpretation of the famous Bisley grip first seen on Colt single-action revolvers way back when. If it was so bad why did they … It’s topped with a 4 MOA JPoint sight and shoots a Hornady 250 XTP over 20.5 grains of 2400. My plan was to shoot at the 25-yard target, and if I had a round that was accurate there, I was going to send a few to the 50-yard target. Range Day: I knew I was in for some fun (and punishment to my hand) as I intended to shoot well over 100 rounds. If you are pushing the OAL to the max, these bullets will be too long for the cylinder to spin, as the Flex Tip will be sticking out of the end of the cylinder just enough to rub on the forcing cone (the part of the barrel that almost touches the cylinder). If you use the plunger that comes with most dies, it will compress the Flex Tip, and the next day the OAL will be a bit longer after the Flex Tip returns to the original length. 1. You sure it was hardwood, nothing is foolproof for a sufficiently … The BFR was a pleasure to shoot, and it will make a fine, accurate gun for my type of hunting. After a 20-minute cool-down period, I started back up with Winchester Supreme 260-grain and Federal 300-grain Swift A-Frame loads. But Magnum Research is equally famous for its large and powerful single-action revolver: the Big Frame Revolver, or BFR, also known as the Biggest Finest Revolver. Their new Raging Hunterhas been steadily increasing in popularity and starting this month, they are producing the same line of revolvers but chambered in the more potent .454 Casull. node.onmouseout=function() { Or, you may be able to shoot a bullet design that is longer than the standard for that caliber without seating so deep as to compress the powder. It always happens, a good company gets bought out and then they "fix" it. For starters, the gun uses a five-shot 17-4 stainless steel cylinder to maximize the thickness of the chamber walls since fewer holes means more steel. SKU: (BFR454C6B) Current Stock: Description; BFR Revolver Short Cylinder, Stainless Steel Register as an authorized dealer. The Magnum Research BFR.454 Casull is one fine handgun Sometimes, bigger is better, and when it comes to knock-down power, that certainly applies in most hunting situations. Magnum Research BFR Review Pt. Accuracy displayed at 100-yards by the BFR .454, Federal Swift A-frame load, and Leupold scope was boringly consistent. I was just 17 when blacksmith and knife maker Chris Petersen told me he had a new favorite smallbore handgun. The .45LC/.410 caliber has modified choke and wrench included. The barrel was ported so that the sound was directed back toward me. Tuesday, February 11, 2020. More. Then they removed the wooden grips and put something white on them. The fire that comes out between the cylinder and the barrel will burn a hole in the bag (just ask my hunting buddy Alex). South Africa is a long way from home. node.onmouseover=function() { Altamont Beretta Bianchi Browning Bushnell Chiappa Choate Colt Ed Brown Empire Pewter Freedom Arms Glock Heckler & Koch Henryrifles HKS Hogue Kimber Korth National Standard Korth Super Sport Les Baer LPA Magnum Research Marlin Mc Millan Nighthawk Custom Nordic Components Pioneer Gunworks Ruger Schmeisser Sig Sauer Smith & Wesson Springfield Super X4 SX4 Thompson Center … BFR .45/70 recoils less than all of the above guns including the lowly .44 Magnum with a 4 5/8-inch barrel. You will also want to equip it with some sort of optic to enhance your ability to take those longer shots, so it is a necessity that the gun accommodate a sighting system of some sort. When the new Magnum Research BFR – which stands for “Big Frame Revolver” and not the words you (and I) were thinking of when we saw the BFR abbreviation – showed up, it was clear that this was the finest revolver I had ever held. node = navRoot.childNodes[i]; Being an avid handgun hunter who will hunt the back country I may have different requirements than someone who hunts … My Thoughts: In my hand, the BFR seemed lighter than the advertised 3.8 pounds – probably due to the excellent balancing. I will be wearing this during hunting season for those close-up shots and for the two stands I have that might require me to shoot over my right shoulder. I have had that happen on other things I have disassembled, so I limit my disassembly to parts I am absolutely sure about how to re-assemble. After you are done designing your Custom BFR Revolver Builder, if you would like to order this at a later date simply click add to cart and come back when you are ready to make a purchase. I can remember a reel I once took apart. The BFR from Magnum Research is handmade by gun people for gun people. The Magnum Research line of BFRs (Biggest, Finest, Revolver) may just be the most overlooked single-action on the market today. Verkaufe neuwertigen Magnum Research BFR Revolver im Kaliber .454 Casull. 1. Be the first to write a review! Hate that too! Item currently sold out . My first few factory offerings were not very impressive, but I knew this gun, like all guns, was not going to like every load. The .410 will accept 3” shotgun shells. On my last outing to the hunting camp, I wore this around my waist all day, and found it to be comfortable, not too heavy and not too long. Chances are pretty good you will have to press your revolver into action on a moment’s notice, so ergonomics are important. To handle the 60,000 psi generated by the.454, Magnum Research took several important steps in building the BFR. With these heavyweight bullets, all moving at 1,400 fps, and delivering more than 1,600 pounds of kinetic energy, I will be able to stop the meanest pig out there. } This is a quality made handgun that will last me a lifetime. Constantly evolving, now available is the Magnum Research BFR .444 Marlin. They also stopped making some of the chamberings they were selling. The Scenario: You’ve booked the plains game hunt in South Africa. The first BFR I saw was chambered in .45-70. With 12 calibers and two frame sizes to choose from, you can take everything from grouse to grizzly. The gun store owner got some Hornady ammunition: 400 gr at 1300 FPS. With each one of these revolvers is inspected meticulously and polished by hand, fitted and assembled by hand. Tuesday, February 11, 2020. Most of them were in the 2- to 2.5-inch groups. I then proceeded with the newer factory ammo I still had available. Item currently sold out . “Safety first and everything else will follow.”, COPYRIGHT 2008 | Woods ‘n Water, Inc. | 3427 Puckett Rd. Offhand shooting is … It hurt my ears so much I almost dropped the gun out of the stand. This BFR does not have a scope, and for me to see a target at 100 yards without a scope is a task in itself, but I had to try. The entire BFR is constructed out of stainless steel, except for the rubber grips. As far as grips are concerned, any aftermarket grip made for the Ruger Super Blackhawk will work. Jim Hammond has had some sort of gun in his hand since he was 5 years old. Review: Magnum Research BFR. MAGNUM RESEARCH BFR REVOLVER 454 CASULL on sale at Bucks and Jakes Outfitters. I have done it both ways, and they both work. For several years now customers have asked for my input on the BFR revolver by Magnum Research. Review: Magnum Research BFR A BFR in .45-70 is particularly well suited for big game hunting. Magnum Research BFR is a revolver manufactured by Magnum Research. This is variant 2 of 2. These large hand cannons come chambered for potent rifle and handgun cartridges. The game will be on the heavier side of typical whitetail deer, so your choice should launch a tough, expanding projectile that will not just penetrate well, but impart some shock to the animal. by Max Prasac - Every part of this gun was precision-machined to very close tolerances, and it fit together as if had been custom-made by hand. Share. From there you can review your designs and submit them to Magnum Research to be built. Even at that age I was perceptive enough to know one had better pay close attention when Petersen got a twinkle in his eye—especially because I … Max Prasac-February 8, 2018. Looking at these numbers, I realize something may look a little off. DON’T MISS THE NEXT ISSUE!Get a copy delivered to your door every month for just $19.95 a year or $34.95 for 2 years. The Magnum Research BFR is a single-action revolver manufactured by Magnum Research.Modelled after the Colt Single Action Army, it is made from stainless steel and chambered for a number of very powerful pistol calibres, such as .500 S&W Magnum, as well as several calibres traditionally used in rifles, such as .30-30, .450 Marlin and .45-70 Government. Next was Hornady 240- and 300-grain XTP hollow points, which brought me back to the 1-inch groups I was looking for. My targets were set up at 25 and 50 yards. 100 Schuss "sanfte" Scheibenladungen verschossen. • All BFRs are shipped with MRI scope mount (Weaver style) included in packaging (except for .45LC/.410) and are drilled and tapped for installation with screws supplied. The most accurate loads – which I would have no problem using for hunting – were the DoubleTap 400-grain WFNGC and 360-grain WFNGC hard cast (pushing 1,500 fps), Hornady 300-grain XTP hollow point and my hand loads consisting of Hornady brass and Hornady 225-grain FTX bullets with 37 grains of Hodgon H-110 powder. • The BFR is available in the following calibers: .45-70, .480 Ruger/.475 Linebaugh, .450 Marlin, .500 S&W, .50AE, .444 Marlin, .30-30, .45 Colt/.410, .460 S&W, .454 Casull, and .22 Hornet. I had accumulated several flavors of .454 Casull ammo from the last .454, and I planned to hand load several more using Hornady brass and Hornady 200- and 225-grain FTX bullets. My first shot was low by about 6 inches, so I made an adjustment and tried again. What a delight these were to shoot in this fine gun. Comments Required. Later, I decided I had to have another .454 Casull – but this time it would be a non-ported pistol. After that shot I had a big ol’ grin from ear to ear. This was more like what I was expecting out of this fine handgun. I shot over 200 rounds through it without any failures or hiccups. All of these produced groups inside 2 inches at 50 yards. American Hunter | Review – Plains Game Getter: Magnum Research BFR .454 Casull. } Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIXSemi-automatic.44 MagnumDE44TGTS151550008463, 8 Round Capacity. Magnum Research BFR .454 Casull 6.5" Bisley Grips BFR454C6B. At first, I bought a Hogue grip but was disappointed with its fit and finish. The next day it hardly hurt at all. Rating Required. I also brought a Caldwell Handy Rest, because shooting bags don’t work well with revolvers. Quick View. A 6 ½-inch barrel gets the nod for its handling and velocity potential. When I removed the cover plate, one or more parts that must have had some springs involved shot across the room and landed somewhere never to be found again – even after a long search on my hands and knees, armed with a metal detector! The plus in being able to load ammo longer than the load manual’s stated OAL is that it allows you to play with cartridge length, which sometimes allows you to find a load that is more accurate. My next step was to measure the cylinder length for my handloads. Once again I cleaned the barrel and let the pistol cool down. - MANUFACTURER: Magnum Research - FAMILY: BFR Series - MODEL: BFR Revolver - TYPE: Revolver - ACTION: Single Action - CALIBER/GAUGE: 454 Casull - FINISH: Stainless Steel - FINISH TYPE: Stainless Steel - FRAME: Steel Frame - STOCK/GRIPS: White Polymer Grips - GRIP TYPE: Other - BARREL: 6.5" - … Gun Review: Magnum Research BFR .444 Marlin. Unlike a magazine-fed handgun, revolvers can have the ammo loaded right to the end of the cylinder, as long as the bullets do not protrude out of the end of the cylinder. SUBSCRIBE. All these considerations make the choice rather simple. by Max Prasac. I had loaded these starting at 36 grains of powder with increments increasing by 1/2 grain with a max load of 38 grains. He started with a Daisy BB gun as a small boy, and with careful instruction from his very safety-minded father, has become a skilled and knowledgeable shooter now willing to share his knowledge and experience as he has FUN SHOOTING. this.className+=" over"; The trigger guard is plenty big enough to get your gloved finger in. if (document.all&&document.getElementById) { • Available barrel lengths range from 6.5 inches to 10 inches, with two barrel lengths usually available in each caliber. | Perry, FL 32348 | (850)584-3824 | (850)584-4217. for (i=0; i. Entirely manufactured in the US and like the legendary Desert Eagle pistol, it is designed as a magnum from the ground up. The FTX bullets have a Flex Tip technology that delivers controlled expansion across a broad range of velocities, making these longer than hollow-point or flat-nose bullets. It was almost like someone stuck ice picks in my ears. startList = function() {
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